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Old and New: See what people are saying about us

The tune is awesome...plenty of power, good gas mileage, no heat issues even when sitting at long lights and very smooth acceleration...thanks for a great tune, I am a happy camper.  - Don C.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did on tuning my 2009 V-Rod.  Runs great!!!  Money well spent! Thanks again... - Bob H

Love the all Progressive suspension upgrade.  Holds a line straight and in turns, little to no front end brake dive and positive road feel but not intrusive.  Interesting ride home though.  Maybe next time we'll pick a nicer day for the ride up and back. Thanks again. Runs like a champ. - Bob N

I can't thank you enough for building my 107!  Also,a big thanks for the courtesy safety check (tires,crank)!  The bike is more than I ever imagined, with more than enough power right from the start!  Thanks for your patience and knowledge,  and most of all,thanks for your humble attitude!  - Larry M

I didn't know how wrong it was until I saw it done right! Thanks again. - Scott F

Hi Dave. that is MUCH BETTER! Appreciate the great work yet again. That should satisfy me until it dies and its time to throw a larger motor in! - Frank C 

You did a 95" build on my '06 Deluxe to give me the extra power for cruising and riding two-up that I was looking for, yet would be simple and dependable. Two years and a lot of riding later, including two trips to Eureka Springs, AR, I'm enjoying the results as much as ever with a BIG ASS SMILE!!!  - Tom T

Dave, the bike runs great, not too crazy, just right for my needs.  Also love that new cam sound it has. Thanks! - Jim M

JD’s Cycle Works Dave Stoddart did an excellent job!  He is one of the best mechanics I know.  The kit is everything advertised and I am extremely pleased the way it turned out.  I have 425 miles on it now, about half of those in Florida and on Main Street Daytona Beach for Bike Week!  The Bike sounds mean and runs the same.  I am getting about 40 miles per gallon.  Acceleration is tremendous; vibration is moderate - about the same as the 883 was.  The oil temperature in Florida ran from 180 to 210 max.  In the colder weather here it runs around 150 to 175 max.  Again, I am very pleased with Zippers Performance Products and JD’s.  Thanks.  Best regards, - Jim

You nailed it man, this thing works fricken fantastic I can't make this thing ping even if i roll it on from 50 in sixth gear; it pulls hard and gets good gas mileage, keep up the good work. - Casey W

The tune up that you did for me on my bike is excellent.  I went from Allentown to Punxsutawney PA to Johnstown (Thunder in the Valley) and returned to Allentown, during the course of the trip the bike ran flawless even with a passenger on the bike. Thanks for the great job, I appreciate it.   -Dave Bofinger  

 I've got a 07 CVO Dyna 110 with 10k miles on it and was concerned about  heat and overall performance.
After Dave tuned it, he suggested I take it for a ride.   Good thing it has a backrest, had to really hold on. I told Dave I finally have the bike I paid for.  Make the appointment, let Dave do his magic, you won't be disappointed. Great guy, you will get your money's worth..- Reed VB (currently riding in SW Virginia until Vermont warms up!)

The ride home was great!  The route I took went through the "tunnel" on Rt 29 in Trenton.  When we got home my wife was joking about how she couldn't see me, but she could sure hear me.   I found  a Valero station on the way home and filled up with  their best, it sure isn't Exxon that’s for sure.  I got some minor detonation when going from a stop but nowhere else in the power band.    I was able to put 3 gallons of Exxon in on top of it later on and I have not heard any pinging.   I did a couple of 6th gear roll ons from 65 mph to about 80 mph with no problems.  What a fun ride coming home.  I'm going to hit the send button and then go to Delaware to use a gift card I got for Christmas.   Thanks again, - Brian Sinclair

Hang on to my dyno sheets, I'll be back for them. The bike is a blast and much more drivable then before.  Thanks much. - Steve Barndt

Dave built me a a motor that I can now be very proud of.  I have dealt with so called engine guys for a while and always got the short end of the stick.  After dealing with the Honesty at JD's I will recommend them to every one I know.  Dave has done a stand up job and stands behind his work 100%.  JD's built me a 120 ci motor and then tuned it to perfection. I know that he has spent a great deal of time, money and energy on my build and I really appreciate it. 

JD's wont let ya down, Honesty is job 1 at JD's.  - George B (120 ci deluxe 130+ hp/tq)

After numerous bike shops and dealers screwing up my bike and never able to have it run right I finally found JD'S cycle.    I was a little reluctant at first but after Dave got a hold of it I was amazed at the performance and the service. My 01 fatboy is tuned to perfection, Dave is truly a master. I would highly recomend him for any performance work or maintenance. thanks for the awesome ride. - Rocco

Dave did a 107 build on my FLHRC and am I ever pleased!  Dave is honest, fair, and a fine technician!  He has my business and he should have yours!    The bike runs cooler and it is incredibly strong in torque.  He listened to me and built the bike according to my desire.  It just doesn't get any better! - Jay B

Had Dave tune my 07 fatboy (103bb with HQ cams, redone heads etc) and damn he did a nice job.  Bike gained on both torq and hp. But more importantly the bike actually runs 35 degrees cooler since he worked on it.  Dave was a pleasure to work with (even picked up and delivered my bike !!!). Probably gonna be doing some more work to this beast in the future and you can bet Its going back to JD's Cycle Works not only for the tune but for any parts installed also!  - Russ 

Thanks for making my 08 Road King scream!  I am still shocked from the power increase as a result from the changes to my engine and exhaust.  Who knew a moderate upgrade could do so much!  The extra power certainly comes in handy when myself, wife and all the bags are full on our trips.  Thanks for everything. - Harold

Dave - think you nailed it with the ignition, I put the stock one in and took a quick ride, it was perfect, I won't bother you till I see you on Saturday.   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! - Dave (the guy who finally has a smile on his face)

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