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2008 Projects

 Thank you for a great year and Thank you SO much to all of our customers for trusting JD's Cycle Works with your special rides.

Check out some of the 2008 work! 


  Randy was so happy with his previous 103" build (see 2007 projects) that he brought his back up bike (a 2005 Road King) in for a set of cams and a better set of heads. 



Nick brought his 2005 Softail Deluxe to us for a 95" build, cam change and clean up port job on the heads.  This bike was running so poorly when it came to us that we were unable to make a preliminary Dyno run. 



When we took this bike apart, we found the crank shaft had too much run out.  We replaced the crank shaft assembly with a 103" stroker crank. 


Joe comes in on occasion for maintenence on his 2002 Triumph and we recently updated his signals to a Harley style light to lean out the lines of this bike. 




Dave couldn't leave well enough alone and decided that for Christmas, instead of jewlery, he would upgrade J's carbureted Dyna from an 88" to a 95" and clean up the ports.  Then he cranked it out on the Dyno and here are the results. 

As you can see, this is better than ANY jewlery!


 The HP went from the previous high of 76.06 to 85.92 and the Torque curve took off from the original 89.15 to 100.67.  


Joe's 2002 Triuimph is back!  

  At 6'5" Joe needs a little more reach for his legs to be comfortable, he has asked us to extend his foot pegs to accomodate his height.  The above pictures are the original position of the pegs.   


Dave fabricated  a nice crossmember for in  front of the exhaust.  This gives Joe about another 5 inches of room for his legs to stretch out while riding. 

 Joes is very pleased with this new change and is looking forward to a nice long ride.


Anthony had just recently purchased this little 1998 WideGlide and wanted to make sure that it was 'road worthy'. 


We  gave it a very thorough pre-dyno inspection and then a custom Dyno Tune too. This WideGlide rides like a dream! 


Scott brought his bike in for a exhaust change, he decided to take his stock exhaust and change up to a set of BUB JugHuggers 


The left picture is the 'before', the right picture is after the  pipes were changed. 

Now Scotts bike sounds as great as it looks!



Bill  was getting a cam swap for his 2000 Ultra, but after seeing all the interesting builds that we were doing, Bill decided to step up to a 107".  



 Bills Dyno Sheets speak for themselves!! 




This Uncorrected Graph of Bills bike shows  119.41 HP and 121.90 foot lbs of torque!






This SAE graph shows Bills HP at 113.48 and his torque at 115.84 foot lbs.





 Dave  upgraded his Road King - again!  This time to a 120" motor for a little more 'get up and go'!


Spring- just around the corner and the King is all ready to go!  And this definately has the "get up and go" that Dave was hoping for! 

The long awaited DYNO SHEETS for Daves 120" Build!!




Uncorrected - 134.67 HP and 140.60 FtLbs of Torque. 







 SAE  HP is 130.79.   

Torque is 136.56 

 Nice curves




Ready for take off!!    


Jake brought his 1989 FLHS in to have some valve train noise silenced and also have it tuned. 


Jake's case got a nice clean up and other issues were addressed.  Now Jake's bike is ready to go down the highway again - without the tapping.


Jeff brought in his 2003 Dyna SuperGlide for a Custom Dyno Tune and some service work. 



Rocco's chromed out 2001 Softail  was here for a custom Dyno tune, however after diagnosing his current build, we came to the conclusion that it was time for a freshen up. 


We hooked Rocco  up with a set of Hillside Ported Cylinder heads, Zippers Pistons and Cylinders and a nice Cam and gear drive package.  This resulted in a HP gain of 16.31 and Torque gain of 11.24 over his original 95" build. 

Rocco's bike made 100.79 HP and 107.00 torque (uncorrected) - shown above!

 And for those who want the SAE numbers- they are 98.25 HP and 104.6 torque



 Mike's 2005 Ultra came all the way from Virginia.  After 65,000 miles of riding and some strange noises coming from his motor, he knew it was time for some upgrades.  While diagnosing the troubles, we decided to build a more powerful, smooth running 103". 



Job bought this 1999 Dyna brand new and has been loving it ever since.  We gave it a safety inspection, new rubber, changed out some potential issues and rejetted for maximum fun and efficiency.



Roman came all the way down from Canada and spent the day here while we tuned and tweeked his 2000 Fat Boy to perfection.   We gave it a very thorough check and also changed the tires. 




Jay brought us his 2008 Road king for one of our 107" packages and some more chrome.  Jay  also had us install new wheels. 



Kevin came in for one of our 95" Packages for his 2003 WideGlide. 

Kevin's Build went off without a hitch, he wants to put a few miles on it before he gets it dyno tuned.  So far- he's loving it!!



Bruce came in for a custom map and tune on his 2006 Softail.  The color on this bike was just awesome



Heidi came in for a safety inspection and also Detailing by Ed on her 2001 Softail Deuce. 



Gary brought us his 2006 Road King for a smoother running map and custom tune.


 Robert S's 2000 Softail needed to have both tires replaced and a thorough inspection to verify everything was in good working order.


Cowboy's 2007 Ultra needed a good tune to make this bike run better.



John  was ready for a  95" build on his 2004 Wide Glide, his parts came back, we tore this beauty apart and rebuilt it to his specifications.




Tom N's 1997 Sportster was having some trouble keeping a battery charged, we checked all wiring and then we tuned it up nice.


Curt from NY brought his VRod in to get tuned.  This bike sounds and looks mean, but purrs like a kitten running down the road.



George's 2005 SoftTail Deluxe  came in for a custom map of his 95" build.    As for George's bike - we had some issues finding all the power in his build.  After much trepidation and hard work, we traced it to a failed crank shaft (.009 runout).  This was the cause of the power loss. 

After consulting George  and talking over his options, George finally decided on a 120" build.  He truly is one happy customer!! 


Mike's Chopper was having issues cranking, we found out that a new starting system was in order for this showroom beauty. 


 Mike rode out with a huge smile on his face.


Gary C's 2006 Road King came in for a tune, we worked this one hard to get every ounce out of it.







Mark J's 2006 Softail Deuce

Mark came to us when a rattle started in his engine. After looking into it, we found a lifter had shattered and taken out parts of the cam chest along with the crank having some serious run out probably also due to the lifter.  So we stripped his bike down to its skivvies and are working with Mark to make this nightmare into a dream. 


Mike B's Custom Chopper 


Mike B's Chopper is back for a little more love from JD's. 


John R's 1991 Sportster

This little sporty came in for a tire change, and inspection.


Randy Z's Pitbull


The 9 foot long PitBull came into JD's for a Dyno Tune...  beautiful.


Curt D's 2008 FatBob


Curt is going to have new pipes installed along with a Hi- Flow Air filter.  Then this FatBob can get tuned up and head on down the highway


 Bruce's Custom Chopper


This 8 foot long ride was recently purchased and is in for a safety inspection


Robert S got some new SE slip-on mufflers, a Hi-Flow Air cleaner and a tune for his sweet 2005 Sportster 1200


Dave G purchased new Bassani pipes and a  Mo-Flow Air Cleaner to spice up his 2005 Dyna Low-rider



Ahhhh, another happy customer!


Rocco and John came for a visit on the day of the Freemansburg Hillclimb, they are very happy with both of their builds and tunes.



Harold brought us his 2008 Road King for a pipe change, a hi-flow air filter and a TTS Mastertune.  He loves his True Duals and new- found power


Jeff's Sportster needed some TLC.  We gave it just what it wanted, now it runs beautifully!


Bob's Proper Chopper was having some issues with popping, so we found the problem and cleared it up.


Eileen's 1999 Sportster was here for an inspection, to fix a leak, an overall check-up and a tune. 


Alan's 2004 Softail was in for a possible vaccuum leak, which we fixed. It was also TTS Master Tuned on the dyno.



Kurt brought his Softail in for a 95" build using Baisley Heads and a set of R&R cams.  He is very happy with the result of this build.



Rick's Police Road King (with a faring) came to us due to a head gasket problem.  No more issues with this custom painted ride.



Mark's 2006 Deuce was in for a new set of pipes, and a tune to clear any issues from the change. 

Mark won 1st place at the September Freemansburg Hillclimb.



Lewis brought us his 2004 VRod for a new FatCat Exhaust and a tune.


Chris' 1999 Sportster needed a little love, some elbow grease and a tune.  Here is it all polished up and in good working order!



Pete's 2008 VRod was needing a Powerline exhaust modification, now its sleeker and even more beautiful.



Joe was interested in a custom tune and some service work for his 2005 Road Glide


This 2006 VRod got a D&D Exhaust, an Air Filter change and a Tune to help the bike breathe better.



Thank you all for a GREAT year, we look forward to having you back soon, until then, Ride Safe.


Above are September 30th pictures of the shop!  Wall to wall bikes. 



This site is always under construction!! 

Check back often for updates and new projects!


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