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2007 Builds, Tunes and Upgrades

 We have done some serious builds and tunes in 2007. 

Randy's 2006 Road King was taken from Stock and converted to a SE 103".  A set of cams and Rinehart True Dual Exhaust system was also installed - coupled up with a precision Dyno Tune and we have created a monster!!





In this (SAE)comparison  Randy's HP went from 53.76 to 94.36 and Torque climbed from 65.87 to 105.03!


Thats' a 40.6 gain in HP and a 39.16 gain in Torque





In this (Uncorrected) comparison the HP went from 57.45 to 98.98 and Torque went from 70.40 to 110.18!!


The total gain for the HP was 41.53 and total gain for Torque was 39.77. 



 The Difference from SAE to Uncorrected  in this case, was still approximately the same gain in both HP and Torque from the first tune to the last.


Jim @ Vanishing Point Race Cars 2004 Road King Upgrade - this included cams, mild head porting and clean up, and the addition of  a Vance and Hines True Dual Exhaust with Thunderheader Mufflers 






There was a nice gain in JIm's HP (from 63.97 to 83.31) and Torque (from 74.54 to 92.68) a 17 point gain overall!






Russ came to us with a need for a custom map made for his performance built 2007 Fat Boy.  We worked to get every ounce of HP and Torque out of his bike with the current combination. 



As you can see, with just the tune alone, we gained Russ  9.63 HP and 8.13 foot lbs of torque.  This is with his O2 sensors still operating. 


 Russ instantly noticed how much cooler and smoother his engine was running.





 Gary's 2007 Road King was stock and running very hot when we got his call.  We installed a Rinehart True Dual Exhaust system, a High Flow Air Filter and then complimented the whole package with a custom Dyno Tune.



 Gary's bike gained 9.72 Horsepower and 6.05 foot pounds of Torque.


Gary also enjoys the benefits of a smoother and cooler running motorcycle with the nice throaty sound of the  Rinehart True Duals. 



Ride On, Gary!! 


Mark's 2005 ElectraGlide Classic had some problems running as well as it should have been.  This bike was stock except for the Vance and Hines Slip on pipes and the High Flow Air Filter.



Sometimes, the tune is not about the numbers, it is about drivability.  

There is a slight gain in Horsepower of 3.31 and in Torque of 3.68. 



Mark's bike seemed to be running OK, but had the average hesitations and decel pops, it was also fowling plugs after a few thousand miles.   

 After the tune, Mark felt the difference immediately.  The bike runs smoother, quieter and more consistantly than ever!  No more hesitations or decel popping!


J's 2000 Dyna Superglide was in pretty good condition, but had some shifting issues.  It was in need of some updating and TLC.   


When we first got this bike,  we switched out the original spoked wheels for chromed 13 spoked, upgraded the transmission to an 2006 gearset, installed a mild set of cams to wake it up  and chromed everything (except the forks).  

The Thunderheader Exhaust turned into a set of Python Pipes. We found that this carburated bike needed to be rejetted.




Just from rejetting and tuning, the Dyna gained 6.12 HP and 7.39 foot pounds of Torque.




J loves the fact that this bike has no more shifting issues.    Her Dyna is nimble, fast,  chromed to the max and very fun to  ride.